Making Drilling Easier
The Field-Proven Software for Directional Drillers

Built by a Directional Driller - Used by pros since 1989
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Runs on Win and MAC

 We Run on The System You Are Using Today


  • Runs on Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and MAC OS in virtual mode
  • Even runs on Windows Tablets
  • You don't have to buy super powerful (and expensive) laptops
  • Works with what you have today
  • No Internet Connection Needed - run anywhere
  • Use it wherever and whenever you need it

Proven - Since 1989

Proven and Refined Since 1989
By Users Like Yourself

  • The "All in One" Toolbox for Directional Drillers
  • Developed by a directional driller and visionary to solve the complex problems of today and refined from over 20 years of use in-the-field.
  • The successor to OnScreen.
  • Improved continually based on the feedback we get from people who use our software in offices and on the pad all over the world.
  • PathTracker gives fast accurate answers so you all on-site people have the information needed to make decisions.

Easy to Configure

Works Like You Do

  • Easy to configure - works the way you work, not how someone else works.
  • Customize the presentations, what is shown, logos, units of measure and more... you have control.
  • Dual Monitor Setup - A PathTracker First, makes it easy to simultaneously show rig bosses and others.
  • Finally you can display the data you need and the data others need simultaneously. No more "hovering."


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