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PathTracker Features

Runs on XP Win 10, 7, 8 Win Tablet
32 & 64 bit versions
Runs on MAC OS*
Dual Monitor Display
Dynamic Graphing

(*) In Virtual Windows Mode

Dynamic Graphing

Can be zoomed in and out much the same way you would navigate an online map. Compare your plan and your actual well files on the fly.

Displays - Secondary Display

Graphs and PathProximity can be viewed on one monitor or two monitors simultaneously, you can make ‘What If’ projections and see the updates and determine the impact.

Open Multiple Survey Files Simultaneously

PathTracker can easily open 30 or more survey files at the same time.  This is ideal for PAD drilling.   Version 6.20 and above permits users to graph up to 30 survey files at the same time.  This number can be increased if a request is made to PathTracker.  It was kept at 30 to ensure older computers (like XP machines) could render the graphs.

Darren directional driller

350+ Wells, Years of Experience on PathTracker...

“What I love about PathTracker is I haven’t had any issues in the 350 plus wells I have drilled, I haven’t needed to do anything with mine unless my computer dies a horrible death. I have been a user from PT4 all the way to PT6.” - Darren Jones


  • I Love the Program - Directional Driller , Peter Slipchuk +

    “  OVERALL:  A  #1 directional program that is VERY user Friendly & Simple to use with  Excellent Help Files & Improvements continually being introduced with Strong Support  by the  PathTracker authorized sales distributor . Yes, one does have to maneuver  through ALL  the  features  to  see  what  is  ALL  involved  in  this  SUPERB  Directional  Program like anything else for software. As a 17 year directional driller I would HIGHLY  recommend  " PathTracker" for  ANY  individual  looking  for Read More
  • Doug Spencer - by far the easiest software to train new Directional Drillers +

    "Pathtracker survey calculation program is by far the easiest software to train new Directional Drillers. Experienced Directional Drillers will find it very easy to learn and use. Tools are smartly placed in taskbar right where you would expect them to be. Not a lot of fluff with this software ... .just straight up directional drilling and anti - collision for the professional Directional hand. Personally I like the target window that allows for multiple targets and projection
  • John Arkossy, Drilling Consultant - All things considered, this is a very professional product which I highly recommend. +

    "To Whom it May Concern: I am a Drilling Consultant involved in drilling directional and horizontal wells for numerous Canadian and International Oil Companies. I originally owned the PathTracker 5 software as well as 2 additional competitor's directional drilling software package(sic). Not being very well satisfied with either software package I discovered that PathTracker V6 was near release which I purchased. User friendly Reliability - does not freeze or crash my system Trustworthy/accurate Ability to view Read More
  • Jason Stepien - Extremely user friendly... +

    I myself have been utilizing PathTracker for over 10 years now and  have found the software to be extremely user friendly and  reliable. The ability to customize every aspect of the program from simple column formats, graphing and even the print screens makes it a great tool for day to day operations ... 
  • Terry Duerks, Directional Driller - The best and easiest software +

    The program is by far the best and easiest software to use in the industry.
  • Scott Leveridge, Leveridge Consulting - Love using it +

    Every directional driller I introduce the program to catches on to it right away and loves using it.
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