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    FREE TRIAL Use the Current Full Production Version with no restrictions on your projects for two full weeks and then decide if it's right for you. If you decide to use PathTracker, converting to a production license is simple and quick. No need to reload your software.
  • $2,994 CDN New Licensees of PathTracker get assistance within 24 hours and all updates to new versions for a year. Annual Club PT Maintenance is included for the first year. After the first year, the required maintenance, including all enhancements and upgrades, will be billed annually.

    Use the software when you need it, pay as you go. Ideal for those needing intermittent access to the software.
    $250 for 30 days

    $650 for 90 days

    $1,700 for 1 year
    All use is for continuous during the period purchased.All payments are paid in advance. Prices are CDN.

    Get the latest software updates, enhancements, fixes and support for one low price.
    $499 CDN For Existing PathTracker Club PT Members in good standing - Includes 12 months of support, all enhancements and updates for your software. You also get preferred client pricing on all major upgrades. Email support provided within 24 hours, guaranteed.
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